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This is the first of a four part series on ghosts and the supernatural.

Here’s my hope with this series:

  1. That come Halloween, you have some really good ghost stories to share with friends and family.
  2. While the audio quality isn’t perfect since it was a phone interview, parts could be played in a party or small group setting for some original stories no one has heard before that real people claim are true.
  3. Learn of the tradition of ghosts and supernatural reaching back to the earliest civilization.
  4. To show that there is significant evidence that all of this could be real.

Daniel Rolph, PhD, Historical Society of Pennsylvania

My first interview is with someone I know very well. His name is Daniel Rolph. My full name is Joshua Daniel Rolph, and I’m honored to share his name. He’s my good father, and like my mother, is someone I aspire to be like.

Dan is an author, speaker, professor and his day job is as historian at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. His PhD is in Folklore and Folklife from the University of Pennsylvania. For more on his background and publications available on Amazon, see here.

At minute 48, I ask him if he believes in ghosts.  We are led to believe in these modern times that most professors, academics, and scientists would respond to that question with a resounding, “No.”

His response is, “Totally.”

If you enter this as a complete skeptic, I ask that you listen to the entire series for the other point of view. I found the conversation to be absolutely riveting, even though I had heard a lot of these stories before.

As a side note, I remember gathering around the radio with the family when Dad was interviewed on a Philadelphia station when I was a kid. I’ve always loved listening to him and learning from him and I’m happy to share his expertise on this fascinating topic with you.

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