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Welcome to the Show With a Long Title

Episode 16: Apple Watch Calculator Watch

It was either this episode or doing something else I try not to do at night, which I fully disclose. Also – an exclusive review of the Apple Watch. Even more intimate, subtle, wonderful, exquisite, [pause] and *personal* (to borrow words from Apple’s... read more

Episode 15: How to Fall Asleep

Learn how to fall asleep with a simple method I created in high school. The written-out version can be found at this convenient link that I went to the trouble of making: I also talk about Daylight Saving Time. That’s SAVING, not SAVINGSSSS. I speak... read more

14 The Unplanned Episode

More on the shortest episode, the one star reviewer episode, Cub Scouts, Jared Adamson, the Mormon Misfit Magazine, the point of this show, and I touch on the question everyone is asking, “what is a... read more

Do you like scary stories?

This series covers paranormal experiences from the viewpoint of an accomplished folklorist and historian.

Ghost Stories

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Why do I have both an unpopular blog AND a new podcast?

Because I can.

Like my blog, the podcast is where I share my musings on God and man, attempting to hone this little writing and podcasting hobby of mine for all to see, praise, mock, ignore.

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